Taste ZiNG!

For a number of years, Patricia Rogers-Ridgeway and her colleagues across the country have been sharing the formula for successfully pairing food and wine through their ZiNG!™ workshops. The secret is chemistry. In her workshops, Trish breaks wine down into six elements: acidity, viscosity, fruit, sugar, alcohol and tannin. Most food dishes have a dominant component, either salt, oxalic acid (bitter), acidity, unami (savory), fat, sugar, spice or protein. By understanding the relationship between the elements and the dominant food components you’ll never ruin a good meal with the wrong wine, or spoil a great wine, with an ill-matched entrée.

ZiNG! is for any-one who:

  • sells wine and wants to showcase the best food matches
  • sells food and wants to recommend the best wine pairings
  • wants to have a great dining experience
There is more information available in the Support Center

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